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What's the Difference Between BLS and CPR certification?
CPR is an emergency life-saving procedure performed on people with cardiac arrest. Whereas Basic Life Support (BLS) includes CPR but is an overall higher level of medical care typically administered by public safety professionals, first responders, paramedics, healthcare providers and qualified bystanders. CPR is taught in BLS certification classes, but since BLS certification is intended for healthcare professionals, the class is more in-depth than the traditional CPR training. Not everyone needs to get certified in BLS since most of the time CPR certification will be enough to provide lifesaving care in offices, schools and other safe environments.

Which Certification Should I Get?
This depends on your reason for getting a certification. If you want to feel more prepared in emergencies, traditional CPR certification is a great idea. If your job requires a certification, most of the time CPR certification will meet job requirements (better yet, check with them on the specific requirements!). If you're in healthcare field, a BLS certification is most appropriate.

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WHY you should learn CPR?
Being trained in CPR provides the knowledge, confidence and skills to stay calm in a medical emergency and help a person in need. Individuals certified in CPR are prepared to make a difference in their community by being ready to jump into action anywhere a cardiac arrest happens.

Target Audience
Intended to be for anyone who needs to know the basic principles of CPR, AED usage and other primary methods of lifesaving skills. Hands-only CPR course is useful for laypersons (teachers. coaches, lifeguards, babysitters, caregivers etc.)

Course Fee
Fee is RM 50.00 per person, inclusive of training materials. Meal is not provided.

Course will cover Adult CPR and AED usage only. Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of the course.

Please fill in the online registration form (click on link below) - secretariat will further advise on payment info via email. Payment should be made prior to training to confirm your registration. Upon confirmation a download link will be provided via email. Registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
Payment Mode
Payment accepted via online banking only (utilise JOMPAY on your preferred online banking platform) prior to course.

Cancellation Policy
Fees paid are non-refundable for cancellation of registration.




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