Annual Report of the NCVD-ACS Registry Year 2016 - 2017

This is the 6th report of the National Cardiovascular Disease-Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry (NCVD-ACS).We have gained tremendously from the previous reports of 2006, 2007–2008, 2009–2010, 2011–2013, and 2014–2015. We were able to see the trends in the way our patients present and the treatment they received. More importantly, with concerted efforts especially in getting our patients to undergo coronary angiogram and angioplasty, we have been able to reduce mortality, which is the hardest end-point. The number of primary PCIs have increased and even with thrombolytic therapy we see an improvement in a shorter door-to-needle time. I would like to postulate that these improvements are due to better knowledge and improvement in managing
processes in the Emergency Departments. It could only be done with knowing where we stand, achieved by having our NCVD-ACS.

This report was made possible primarily due to the many source data providers (SDPs) who have voluntarily contributed valuable information into our secured electronic database. The information obtained from SDPs across the country have not only provided a snapshot of ACS in Malaysia, but more significantly, uninterrupted annual data on the disease since 2006. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our peers and colleagues in both the Governance Board of the NCVD and the Steering Committee of the NCVD-ACS Registry. We also commend the efforts of the NCVD Medical Writing Committee for this report, led by Prof Dr. Wan Azman Wan Ahmad, who has put in over a decade of work into all the reports of the NCVD-ACS Registry published to date. His leadership and tireless efforts can be reflected in this excellent report which you have today.

We would also like to thank the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia for the initial financial grant for the NCVD Registries and the National Heart Association of Malaysia together with the Health Informatics Centre, MOH Malaysia for the yearly financial support which helped sustain the NCVD-ACS Registry for the last 15 years. In the event the MOH wishes to set up a national data warehouse, we hope this will improve data collection and resource sharing in a smooth manner and enable easy access of the data to be utilised by the relevant stakeholders.

Finally, it is our genuine hope that this report will encourage even greater participation of centres in Malaysia, and we especially invite the private institutions to come on board to submit their data to the NCVD-ACS Registry. This will give a true reflection of the standard of care for the whole country. It is hoped that with the wealth of data accumulated from this registry, there will be more outcome-based research that will help to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in Malaysia.

Thank you.
Datuk Dr. Rosli Mohd Ali
Chairman, NCVD Governance Board


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