Annual Report of the NCVD-PCI Registry 2015-2016


Greetings and Salam!

Ten years ago, on 9th August 2006, we started this national multicentre NCVD PCI registry. Today, we are proud to see this registry grown and starting to bear fruits! The 2015-2016 report is the fifth report of the NCVD-PCI registry.

We hope the registry will provide a ''real-world" database of contemporary PCI practice in Malaysia. We began this registry with the objectives to evaluate the outcomes of PCI based on selected performance measures, to determine the cost-effectiveness of PCI, to determine the level of adherence to practice guideline, to stimulate research, to facilitate quality improvement activities, to act as a reference for future studies, to facilitate research and development, and to benchmark against other national/regional PCI registries. e.g. ASPECT, ASEAN.

Much has been achieved, through the commitment and teamwork from everyone! However, there is more to do still. The way forward is to go beyond "output" to "outcome", beyond "quantity'' to "quality''. With the sizeable number of cases reported, we may now embark on more analysis of trends and subgroups, to determine the factors that contribute to procedural success and long-term patient-centred outcomes. To this end, we may embark to appraise our practice based on both clinical practice guidelines (CPG) and appropriateness use criteria (AUC).

Beyond the value to service improvement, our registry may provide the platform for 'registry-based randomised controlled trials", post-marketing surveillance as required by the recent governance of medical devices in the everchanging field of interventional cardiology.

The way forward for the next decade and beyond will depend on continual commitment and support in leadership and funding from NHAM. The machinery of the NCVD registry lies with each of us. The NCVD-PCI registry will continue to be a voluntary collaborative group, with shared ownership. Participating sites will continue to have free access to their 'own' institutional database to facilitate local quality-assurance activities. We continue to uphold the 'code of honour', Together everyone achieves more.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this registry. Happy Reading.
We welcome feedback and comments.

Dr Liew Houng Bang
Chairman, Steering Committee
NCVD-PCI Registry


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