MSCVT 2017-2019

MSCVT Committee for term 2017-2019, elected in April 2017




Mohd Shafullah Mohamad Serdari


Hamdan Ibrahim

Vice Chairperson:

Nasir Mohd Ramli


Kartina Azman


Noraminah Aedrus


Committee Members:

Abdul Muhaimin Ahmad

Kamarul Aizan Abdul Rahman

Khairul Affendy Omar

Mohd Rahimi Abdullah

Norhayati Amrial

Rajinder Kumar

Siong Jong Liang

Suzanna Hani Hussein

Zairani Abidin



Chairperson's Message

Over the past years, the Malaysian Society of Cardiovascular Technologist (MSCVT) has been working in collaboration with NHAM in order to provide the continuous education in Cardiology, specifically to paramedics in Malaysia. Each year, through their incredible support, I have gained valuable knowledge and tips from many esteemed doctors and colleagues. 

The MSCVT is the only sub-society that represents paramedics in the field of cardiology in Malaysia. It was formed in 2009 and our main objective is to standardize the quality of CVT services through a combination of symposia, lectures and “hands-on” workshops. We are also a platform for the professional development of CVTs by guiding and enriching the members with the latest local and international standards.

- Hamdan Ibrahim



Profession of Cardiovascular Technology has reached an advance level internationally; unfortunately in Malaysia this profession is still lacking in many areas especially pertaining to recognition, credentialling as well as standards and guidelines. Realizing these circumstances the Malaysian Society of Cardiovascular Technologists has been formed as a platform and vehicle to live up and streamline the profession.


The Aims of MSCVT:

  1. To amalgamate all the different professional backgrounds under one roof.
  2. To serve as a vehicle of integrated voices to look after the welfare and wellbeing of the Cardiovascular Technology profession and its subspecialties.
  3. To set up a minimum standard of service quality that has to be followed by all members of the profession through accredited training programs and professional examination.
  4. To participate in setting up syllabus of the Cardiovascular Technologist training program in order to produce competent Cardiovascular Technologists who are able to perform above the minimum standard of entry-level.
  5. To promote a higher standard and continuous improvement of the service quality and updating the knowledge of the member of Cardiovascular Technologist in accordance to fast changing cardiovascular field.


Description of Profession: Click here to view Cardiovascular Technology Profession Statement


MSCVT Activities (in descending order, from 2015 to recent):

  Date   Event
  5th August 2017   2nd Echo for Beginner Course, Hospital Serdang
  27th August 2016   MSCVT-CVT IJN Reunion, NHAM Heart House, Kuala Lumpur
  29th July 2016   MSCVT Symposium slot (CVT/Nursing Symposium) during MYLIVE 2016
  20th May 2016   MSCVT-UKM Meeting for CVT Degree Programme, Fakulti Sains Kesihatan, HUKM, Kuala Lumpur
  5th - 6th September 2015    4th MSCVT Symposium 2015, Hospital Serdang, Selangor
  15th August 2015   1st Basic ECG Course for Allied Health, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur


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To sign up as MSCVT member, you will have to be a NHAM member as well. You may apply for  both membership at the same time:

  • Click here to register for NHAM membership online (must attach CV to complete application)
  • Click here to download and fill in MSCVT membership application

Submit both applications via email to secretariat (, please contact secretariat at 03-7931 7900.



For further enquiries regarding MSCVT, please contact MSCVT secretariat by email: or check out their website:

Official Address: Malaysian Society of Cardiovascular Technologist, c/o National Heart Association of Malaysia, D-13A-06, Menara SUEZCAP 1, KL Gateway, No.2 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA