1 CPD point will be awarded upon successful completion of each module with at least 60% of questions answered correctly. The CPD point will be accredited automatically into your MMA app account.

(This post will expire on 1 July 2021)

Module 1: Importance of achieving hypertension treatment goals (CPDE17717)

Module 2: Overview of Hypertension-related complications (CPDE17718)

Module 3: Insights on managing hypertension in Specific Populations (CPDE17719)

Module 4: The salience of nebivolol in the management of hypertension (CPDE17720)



Vasodilating β-blockers for hypertension (CPDE18358)


(This post will expire on 4 August 2021)

BENEFIT Trial - New Asian Data (CPDE18712)


(This post will expire on 25 August 2021)

Translating key takeways of the BENEFIT study into clinicla practice - A view through case studies (CPDE18738)


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