26th ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress 2023


Mabuhay! Welcome to the 26th ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress.

The theme for this year's scientific meeting is "Daig ng Maagap ang Masipag: The Essence of Timing in Cardiology".

"Daig ng Maagap ang Masipag" (google translate says 'prompt beats diligent' :-)) is a Filipino proverb equivalent to the western adage "a stitch in time, saves nine".

It highlights the value of being proactive and acting at the most opportune moment.

The topics for this convention will delve into the temporal elements of cardiovascular disease. Experts from the Asean region will expound on the approach to expedite diagnoses, as well as illustrate methods to facilitate interventions.

You are all cordially invited to contribute your own thought and experiences, so that we may all appreciate the essence of timing in cardiology.

See you at the congress!

Jude Erric L. Cinco, MD, FPCP, FPCC, FPSCCM, FAsCC
Jude Erric L. Cinco, MD, FPCP, FPCC, FPSCCM, FAsCCPresident, Philippine Heart Association
Overall-Chair, AFCC 2022

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