Malaysian Consensus Statement on the Utilisation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance 2015

Cardiovascular diseases are undoubtedly the leading cause of death worldwide and certainly in Malaysia. In dealing with the increasing cardiovascular disease burden, it is paramount that contemporary clinical cardiology practice mirrors the ever-growing scientific medical knowledge. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) being the latest addition to the clinical armamentarium of cardiovascular imaging is certainly no different. The importance of CMR is such that today it has already become the gold standard clinical test in some cardiac diseases.

As much as CMR is clinically needed, it has not taken off as expected. Formal institutional services were already available in Sarawak General Hospital since 2003 and 12 years on, we are still challenged by the limited availability of trained physicians, technicians and CMR capable MRI scanners. At the time of writing, there were only just over 20 practicing trained experts scattered in a handful of tertiary or quaternary care institutions throughout Malaysia.

I laud the combined efforts of these CMR specialists representing all the healthcare institutions of the country from the Ministry of Health to university hospitals and private hospitals having taken the challenging effort to come up with this inaugural consensus statement. It is hoped that this consensus statement will be useful beyond just being a reference, generating interest and awareness for this recent imaging modality amongst physicians and patients with cardiac diseases and setting the academic platform for future collaboration with the two stakeholder societies i.e. the National Heart Association of Malaysia and the College of Radiology Malaysia.


In time, it is hoped that these efforts will translate to an increase in allocation of resources leading to the growth of CMR services, thus providing an avenue for the experts to ensure the most updated CMR practices in Malaysia in the years to come. Lastly, I thank the National Heart Association of Malaysia, its sister society the Society of Cardiac Imaging Malaysia, and the College of Radiology for spearheading this important initiative. This indeed is an exciting and evolving modality to improve cardiovascular healthcare in our country.

Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah

Director General of Health Malaysia
Ministry of Health Malaysia


The content and recommendations made in this consensus statement are based on currently available scientific data and best clinical practice recommendations from internationally recognised bodies. Its use is for the sole purpose of physicians (cardiologists/radiologists) and radiographers trained to use this modality within Malaysia. Clinical judgement is to prevail in all decisions and should not replace individual responsibility, especially with regards to the safety of users and patients/clients.


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