Consensus Statement on the Utilisation of Cardiac Computed Tomography (2nd edition)

Cardiovascular disease remains the world'd biggest killer with coronary artery disease (CAD) being the largest contributor. In Malaysia, it has surpassed infective diseases as the leading cause of death, making it the most important non-communicable disease that the nation has to combat against.

Cardiac computed tomography (CCT) has been utilised in the last 20 years as one of the imaging modality used to diagnose CAD. Its tremendous growth in technology has seen its application grow from coronary calcium imaging and noninvasive coronary angiography to more functional cardiac and non-coronary work. With these advancements, Malaysia has to keep abreast with the contemporary use and application of this modality to be in parallel with the rest of the world.

This consensus statement is one of the ways that Malaysians especially the medical professionals involved in the care of patients with cardiovascular diseases will be able to understand and apply the use of this imaging modality in our setting. I would like to thank the National Heart Association of Malaysia, its sister society the Society of Cardiac Imaging Malaysia and the College of Radiology for their efforts to make this second edition come to fruition. Together, we can now utilise it in our fight against cardiovascular disease.

Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah

Director General of Health Malaysia
Ministry of Health Malaysia


Target Audience:
This update on the existing Consensus Statement on the Utilisation of Cardiac CT (2008) aims to mainly cater for physicians (cardiologists and radiologists) and radiographers involved in providing cardiovascular computed tomography services.


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