MYHFCPG provides cardiologist and clinicians, guidance to management of heart failure with the clinical practise guidelines, steps and therapies. This clinical practice guidelines (CPG) is meant to be a guide for clinical practice, based on the best available evidence at the time of development. Adherence to these guidelines may not necessarily guarantee the best outcome in every case. Every healthcare provider is responsible for the management of his/her patient based on the clinical picture presented by the patient and the management options available locally.

The objectives of this CPG are to:
• Update the current management of HF based on recent evidence with respect to:
o Prevention
o Diagnosis
o Treatment : pharmacotherapy, device and surgical therapy
o Rehabilitation
o End of life and palliative care
• Recognise and manage HF in special populations:
o Adult congenital heart disease
o Geriatric population
o Pregnant women
• Develop a structured multidisciplinary strategy for the management of patients with HF both in the primary and secondary care setting.

This app contains the following features:
Clinical Practise Guidelines (CPG)
Interactive Flowcharts
MAGGIC Risk Calculator
HF Clinic
News/Notification updates
User registration
User account profiles


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